Passionate About Coffee, But Alive For Others

When Gabe and I first sat down to map out our company, we specifically purposed to avoid becoming a non-profit. Not out of a pursuit for wealth (Ha!), or because we weren't interested in socially-conscious business models, but rather we felt that with a singular vision for the very best cup of coffee, we could dedicate ourselves to delivering something special every morning to our customers.

That might be shallow if it were the extent of our vision; at the very least, it wouldn't be that interesting to us. But what we've done is establish a hugely generous affiliate program for very select non-profits and organizations, where they can essentially use our business to build revenue to help fulfill their important work.

We have no idea if this will work. It's an experiment in corporate social-good. We've agressively priced our product (relative to the high quality green beans we buy), and adding in the affiliate share, we've essentially "bet the farm" on high volume. We may never get there, but in the meantime, our partners will get some critical monies they need to move forward. And in the end, no matter what, this will be a success.

Do you represent an organization? Learn a litte more about our affiliate program. Do you know of an interesting organization doing great things? Let us know; It's why we exist.

Some of the types of organizations we'd particularly like to partner with (but not limited to) are: